Privacy Policy

Data Collected

The only data Planet Pizza collects from its users are their email address and password. This data is never shared with any other person or entity and exists only for login and verification purposes.


Your email is used to help verify that you are human (upon creating an account) and prevents bots from spamming the account features. It may also be used to contact the user only in the case that an account action must be made. These actions include but are not limited to the following example:


The password is immediately salted and hashed upon the creation of a user account, not even the curator can un-hash this to view the orginal password. No worries.

User Rights

Each user has the right to their own information upon request. Please use the contact information listed below to do so. Each user should also be aware that the ability to change their information (bar their username) is possible via their profile page.

Third Parties

There are no third parties :)


There are no cookies stored via Planet Pizza :) If your browser asks if you would like to save your login information for the next time you visit the site, that is your browser - not Planet Pizza.

Questions or Concerns

Please feel free to contact the curator via email:

Privacy Policy