hooman69 2022-12-15 3

Quick. Read this before the creator of this site takes it down. He already threatened to come after myself and my family. I am risking my life to tell you this…


You think this is just a fun site for teaching aliens how to make pizza???? Well you‘re wrong. Don‘t worry. I made the same mistake at first too… but then I did some digging….


I wondered - why pizza? What would aliens benefit from learning about pizza. Yes of course us simple humans love this tasty treat. I would bathe in that zesty sauce all day if I could. But aliens?? How can we even be sure that they obtain energy through food. How silly are we to assume they have the same mouth, taste buds, digestive system, etc?


Anyway, this is what I have been able to crack so far….


Pizza…. Hmmmm… pizza… ohhhhhh pizza!




Zillions of


Attacks on the planet earth


This man is trying to Thanos us. He wants to rule together with these aliens and take all the pizza for himself….


Ladies and gentlemen. We got him.


There‘s so much more to say, but I need to get this initial information out there before things start to get too bad. I think it has already begun…


Stay tuned for more info. Please pray for my family‘s safety.

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